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About Us

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With diverse hands-on experience in different functions across strategic management, marketing, finance, business development and business research, the shared philosophy .was the cornerstone that grouped the founders of Khwarizm for business development Since Khwarizm was established as a business consulting company that designs and delivers innovative solutions to the different businesses sectors, we have created and developed the most innovative ideas in different sectors (Agriculture, Handmade, Chemicals, Personal Care, ICT, Governmental development projects, FMCGs , Environment .and waste management) We helped companies in different stages : from ideation till execution, to turn around and face their challenges and seize opportunities with the most creative and realistic business plans that is built on evidences, provided them full of support with our mentors & experts .network, business programs, human resources and investment opportunities

Core Values



We help to build future leaders to create impactful projects to develop the society.



Introducing new prospects to the business sector in an innovative and profitable way.



We are committed to building the most innovative solutions for projects, providing the best environment for the company's team, and making sure the best products will provide to the targeted customers.



We strive to create environmental, social and economic sustainable projects.

Consultation on Tablet


To become a knowledge and experience house for the MENA region and Africa in the arena of business transformation


We contribute to the business ecosystem through
utilizing science, knowledge and experience to draw, assist and execute plans that enable companies at different stages to grow in a sustainable manner

Our Philosophy

- Authenticity and originality

- A problem is a problem because it has a solution.

- Knowledge has no ownership; it is created to be disseminated.

- Earth was not created to human beings only.

- Firms should not focus on their resources and forget market needs, and should not focus on market needs and forget their resources.

- Customers are the highest level in the hierarchy.

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