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Trainings & Workshops


Empowered trainees with transformative training experiences!


Our workshop uses hands-on experiential learning, engaging participants with real data sets and activities that mirror real-world challenges

Using experiential learning techniques, trainees learned to deeply understand customer needs, applying empathy maps to design actionable services


Our comprehensive Project Management Training Program and master essential skills in project planning, scheduling, and controlling. Gain hands-on experience, expert guidance, and a certificate of completion to advance your career.

Strategic Marketing Decisions

Have you ever analyzed your competition strategy to ensure you are not falling into the 'Me Too' trap?

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Human Resource Management Training

This program covers essential HR practices, including job analysis, recruitment, performance management, and compensation. It equips participants with the skills to align HR strategies with corporate goals, ensuring effective employee management and development.

Managing Change Workshop

This course helps individuals and organizations adapt to change effectively. It covers change concepts, prediction, planning, and managing change in both personal and professional contexts. Participants will learn to understand and apply change models, communicate change effectively, and develop strategies to manage resistance and stakeholder engagement.


Strategic Planning Workshop

Our recent strategy workshop brought together industry leaders to refine competitive strategies and promote sustainable growth through innovation

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