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Data Analysis Using Power BI

Our 5-day Data Analysis Fundamentals training program in Cairo, Egypt, and gain robust insights into databases and data analytics using Power BI. Designed for both beginners and professionals, this workshop blends theory with practical, hands-on activities to ensure you master the essential skills for data-driven decision-making in your professional environment.
Course Highlights:

  • Database Foundations: Learn the importance of databases, their structures, and how they manage various data types. Understand the key components of Database Management Systems (DBMS) and explore different types like relational databases and NoSQL.

  • SQL Essentials: Master the basics of SQL commands to effectively retrieve, add, modify, and delete data. Gain hands-on experience in executing SQL queries on sample databases.

  • Data Analytics Lifecycle: Understand the entire data analytics process, from data collection to deriving actionable insights. Emphasize the significance of data visualization in conveying these insights effectively.

  • Power BI Proficiency: Navigate through Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service, learning how to load data, create visual reports, and transform data using Power Query and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).

  • Advanced Reporting Techniques: Utilize Power BI’s advanced features like slicers, filters, and drill-down functionalities to create interactive and dynamic reports. Learn best practices for designing aesthetically pleasing and functional reports.

  • Real-World Applications: Apply your skills to real-world scenarios, driving data-informed decisions in your professional setting.

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